100 Tech Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following | Tech Websites/Publications

Tech Websites/Publications

These are the accounts of some of the top technology destinations on the net. They provide useful information for us computer professionals and enthusiasts. Follow these accounts for the latest news, trends, and articles on all things tech.

@arstechnica – Ars Technica: The Art of Technology

@CNET News – CNET News.com

@engadget – Engadget: Official Twitter account of Engadget!

@geekforever – Forever Geek: forevergeek.com

@gigaom – GigaOM:The GigaOM bot brings you all the latest headlines from GigaOM network of blogs.

@gizmodo – gizmodo: gizmodo.com

@google – A Googler: News and updates from Google

@MacObserver – The Mac Observer: All TMO articles directly from our rss feed

@MikeTechShow – miketechshow: Podcaster

@pchere – pchere – Chief Blogger & Editor of QuickOnlineTips.com: Publishes technology news, blogging tips, wordpress hacks, web 2.0, new media

@PCMag – PC Magazine: The Independent Guide to Technology since 1982

@Techcrunch – Michael Arrington – Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch

@Technibble – Technibble: Technibble is a resource for computer technicians to help them with their business

@TechRepublic – TechRepublic: TechRepublic is a trade publication and online community for IT professionals

@Techwatch – Tech Watch: Providing you with all your tech updates in one place! Formaly comming summer 09!

@techwatching – techwatching: This is the “Stories” feed for TechWatching.com, technology news and views minute by minute. Links go directly to stories.

@The Force Field – The Force Field: Producer and Host of The Force Field a podcast and portal for IT Service Providers

@Wired – Wired: Wired magazine and Wired.com’s twitter feed | Currently hosted by Wired.com science editor @betsymason

@ZDNetBlogs – ZDNet Blogs: Top Tech Blog Network

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