Add BBC iPlayer to Raspbmc or any XBMC

If you’ve got Raspbmc on your new Raspberry Pi and you live in the UK, then one of the first things you’ll want to do is enable BBC iPlayer.

This is pretty straightforward. You’ll need a laptop or another computer to SSH into your Raspberry Pi – if you’re on Windows then PuTTY is the essential tool for doing this.

SSH into your RPi. For Raspbmc the default username is pi and password raspberry. Then run the following command:

pi@raspbmc:~$ wget

You can copy the bit in bold to your clipboard and right-click in PuTTY to paste.

This command downloads a new “Repository” to XBMC – in this case an unofficial one called “Hitcher’s Repo” that contains the unofficial BBC iPlayer plugin. Because the BBC haven’t released an official one, we need to use this third party repository.

Once this is downloaded, browse to System > Addons on XBMC and select Install from ZIP file

Then go into your home directory and select the ZIP file you just downloaded:

Once installed, you’ll have a new repository available from which to download the plugin.

Go back to System > Addons > Get Add-ons and select Hitcher’s repository.

Browse to Video Addons and select iPlayer.

That’s it installed! To load iPlayer go back to the main menu and browse to Video > Add-ons and you’ll see it listed.


If you want to make it a bit quicker to browse to iPlayer, you can add it to the front screen in Confluence the default skin. Just browse to Settings > Skin Settings > Add-on Shortcuts and select iPlayer for Add-on 1.

Then it will show up on your home screen like below. Perfect!

Useful tip (Rasbmc only)

If you run into trouble and need to restart XBMC from the command line then use the following commands in SSH:

pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo initctl stop xbmc xbmc stop/waiting

pi@raspbmc:~$ sudo initctl start xbmcxbmc start/running, process 1061

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Author: Jas Dhaliwal

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