How to upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise to Windows 7 Ultimate


There is a way to upgrade Windows 7 Enterprise to Ultimate

Go to, Start, Run: and type: regedit.exe
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion
Change the key : ProductName from "Windows 7 Enterprise” to “Windows Vista 7 Business”
Change the key: EditionID from "Enterprise" to “Business”
Do not restart
Now insert Windows 7 Ultimate CD and start upgrading (the option Upgrade will not be graded out anymore)

The same rule would also apply to Windows Vista too

Author: Jas Dhaliwal

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  • byronbranfield

    Would this also apply if wanting to change from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Enterprise? The reason I ask is my company has volume licensing and requires me to load their software, I have Windows 7 Ultimate and don't really want to format and reinstall.

  • Nice tip! – just to let u know (and byronbranfield) that I just did it in reverse and it worked like a treat. I loaded Ultimate by mistake when I had an enterprise key. Made those two changes to the registry and upgraded from the DVD (without rebooting). All sweet!

    Thanks for the tip.

  • byronbranfield

    Awesome thanks mate, this is exactly what I need to do.

  • byronbranfield

    hmmm, this is wierd. I tried it and got an error saying that I cant upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 7 Enterprise and a reinstall needs to be performed (Not an option). I chenged the registry as stated. Any ideas?

  • Hi,

    I would try a reboot. But I don't think you can upgrade from Ultimate to Enterprise.
    Though you can test the scenario by using a virtual machine.

  • byronbranfield

    I get what you saying, I tried replacing the keys with Windows 7 Enterprise and EditionID to Enterprise and the upgrade takes place but back to Enterprise lol. My question is if you can upgrade from Basic to Enterprise so effectively I would replace the keys with Basic and then upgrade to Enterprise?

  • brettmonten

    Did you try custom or standard? I just used the standard and left it to do its thang.

  • brettmonten

    I've struck a snag with this reverse upgrade – something hasn't been done. Although I'm Enterprise for all intents and purposes, I'm now being told that Windows can't be activated cos the KMS host can't be activated. That's an Ultimate thing isn't it?
    Any clues?


  • lxmanh

    I was same problem!!! Not working.
    …. T.T

  • kamlesh2011

    Very good. Working fine.

  • jacquesflamant

    Didn't work here. Are you sure it's “Windows Vista 7 Business” (not “Windows 7 Business” only ?).

    I also tried the cversion.ini hack, with no luck. Any other ideas ? And yes, I'm trying to upgrade my Enterprise 7 x64 to Ultimate 7 x64 if you doubt it.

  • jacquesflamant

    Alright here how it worked for me :

    Do the trick as mentionned above, but don't launch or auto-launch the setup, first explore the DVD folder, right clic on “Setup.exe”, and go to the compatibility tab :
    Make it compatible with Windows Vista SP2.


  • absolutetech

    Bravo to jacquesflamant, compat mode successfully enables fix on x64 enterprise to x64 ultimate!

  • josephephi

    You may have to uninstall certain programs for the upgrade to work.
    You will not know what these are until the upgrade does the

    compatibility check in step 4 below. In my case I had to uninstall the


    Uninstall Lexmark Series Printer
    Uninstall Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1

    If you get a message in step 4 requiring uninstalls, make sure you undo

    the changes in step 3, uninstall the offending programs and then


    Shut down Webroot and all programs

    Go to, Start, Run: and type: regedit.exe
    Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion
    Change the key : ProductName from “Windows 7 Enterprise” to “Windows

    Vista 7 Business”
    Change the key: EditionID from “Enterprise” to “Business”
    Do not restart

    Browse Windows 7 Ultimate DVD for setup.exe
    Right click on properties
    Select Compatibility tab and make compatible with Windows Vista SP2
    Double click on setup.exe and do the internet updates.
    Select upgrade to ultimate only.

  • A little extra step I needed to do before this would work was completely uninstall any virus protection. I tried to kill the process but I needed to uninstall it completely and reboot (making sure I changed back to Enterprise and Windows 7 Enterprise in the registry before reboot). Finally figured that out after 25 tries.

    I had Windows Essentials and Comodo and unistalled both.

  • All versions of Windows 7 requires product activation. Windows 7 Enterprise can only be activated with a Volume License Key KMS or MAK if not active against a local KMS server. VL Enterprise requires a KMS / MAK activation box or against a local KMS server. Can be reset to 3 times.Windows 7 Ultimate Edition conventionally active on the Internet to the Microsoft activation servers.

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