Ryan Carson posts the best job in the UK


Indeed, Ryan Carson has posted one of the best job ads I have ever seen. Take a look below.  Shame Ryan’s going to get hundreds and hundreds of applications, otherwise I’d apply myself!

DropSend Manager

We’re hiring a manager for DropSend.com. Your main job will be to grow the revenue for the site and make the app better, by working with our developer.

Carsonified is a sweet place to work and I know you’d enjoy it. Some of the perks include:

4-Day work week
It’s not a typo 🙂 The whole office is closed on Fridays, so every week you get a 3-day weekend. We still pay you a full salary and give you 35 days holiday.

Your very own iPhone, 23″ Cinema Display, Aeron Chair and MacBook Pro
Working at Carsonified isn’t just a job – it’s a lifestyle. We want you to love working here.

Idea Week – A full week of madness
Occasionally we turn off our email, shut down our machines, and let the creative ideas flow. For the first ever Carsonified Idea Week we came up with HugMyMac.com – it was a blast 🙂

Miami, New York City, London …
You’ll get to travel and speak at all of our events throughout the year. It’s crazy fun – not to mention a great opportunity to raise your profile in the web app community.

Good pay & Responsibility
We pay well and we don’t watch the clock. We’ll trust you to make decisions and get what you need to get done without micro-managing you.

Good company pension plan
We’ll match up to 6% of your salary into your pension.

If you’re interested, please shoot Ryan an email at ryan [at] carsonified.com  Thanks!

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Author: Jas Dhaliwal

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