100 Awesome Facebook Lists to Follow (and bypass Edgerank)

Facebook Lists

Lists + Facebook = Happy




How do you get a more dynamic & vibrant News Feed full of diverse and ever-changing information?


Turns out it’s easier than you think. :)


Enter Facebook Interest Lists


Facebook quietly launched “Interest Lists” about a year ago — around the same time Timeline launched.


Before that, lists were mostly used for organizing friends. The new Lists let users include people (including non-friends) and pages.


Below you’ll find 100 Interest Lists to follow — arranged in categories like:


  • social media
  • business
  • sports
  • politics
  • music, art, food, etc.


Keep in mind that once you follow a List, you only see a summary of the List’s recent posts in your main News Feed. To get the most out of the List, you need to visit it directly — by clicking the List’s bookmark in your left Facebook navigation.


Edgerank bypassed!


But here’s the kicker… ready for it? There is NO Edgerank algorithm applied to Lists!!


Yes you read that correctly.


And the cool thing is the creator of the List gets to decide:


  • which pages & people are included
  • what types of posts are shown


For example, on the Lists I created, I set them up to show only status, links, photos and videos — normal posts, basically. I excluded all the other stuff — like milestones, birthdays, liked pages, etc.


I’ve done my best to show you a broad array of Lists from different people. But you’ll notice many names repeated — typically Facebook employees who’ve created Lists for users.


Enjoy this “Motherlode List of Lists”! — and make sure to follow them and share this post with your friends and followers!


Social Media Lists on Facebook


I start with the niche I talk about the most: Social Media. If you’re in this niche or want to learn how to use social media for your business, follow these Lists!


1. Social Media Resources


by Scott Ayres (me). This is my go-to resource for social media related news. You’ll find Mari Smith, Social Media Examiner, Jon Loomer and more. If you’re into Social Media, this List is a must.


2. Facebook Experts


by Mari Smith. Mari’s List is full of experts and pages focused mainly on Facebook. One of my favorites on the list is Amy Porterfield. Mari’s List has almost 30,000 followers to date!


3. Facebook Designers


by Chris Kalani. Created by a Facebook employee, this List includes people who work at Facebook in the design department.


4. Social Media Savvy (and fun!)


by Scott Kleinberg. Another great List of social media related people. But not your typical big names.


5. 100 People to Follow on Facebook


by Mari Smith. Mari created this great List of great people to follow on Facebook — folks like Rosh Khan and Casey Zeman to name a few.


6. Facebook Designers


by Chris Kalani


7. Facebook Fan Page Apps


by Mari Smith. Looking for an app for your Facebook page or business? Look no further than Mari’s List. You may notice a familiar page on this List ( *cough *cough… Post Planner!)


8. Mashable Staff


by Pete Cashmore. Follow this List to see what the Mashable staff is up to.


9. Phyllis Khare’s Go-to Social News List


Phyllis is the co-author of Facebook Marketing for Dummies and has shared her go-to List for social news. It’s a good one!


10. Social Media News


by Kate Buck. If you don’t know Kate Buck, Jr, you need to know her ASAP. She has created a great List to get some juicy social media news from.


11. Social Media Superheroes


by Jo Barnes.  Jo Barnes is an amazing person who I’ve talked to many times. I’m honored to actually be on this List with other super heroes!


12. Facebook Marketing


by Jon Loomer.  Jon is quickly becoming one of the top minds when it comes to Facebook tips, and his List does not disappoint. Check it out.


13. Facebook


by Vadim Lavrusik. Created by Facebook to list a ton of Facebook employees. Fun to follow.


Tech Lists on Facebook


I have a secret — I’m not the most tech savvy person. I’m an old school PC guy and I’ve never owned a Mac. And while I try to keep up with all the tech news, I couldn’t do it without these lists.


14. Tech Entrepreneurs


by Sachin Monga. If you’re in the tech world, this is a must follow list with over 15,000 followers to date.


15. Tech Heads


by Scott Ayres. Yes this listed was created by me — but it contains many tech related pages like Quora, PC World, etc that you need to be following.


16. 50 Women in Tech


by Rebecca Searles. Rebecca is an editor at Huffington Post and has a great List here. This one is all about women who are rocking the tech world.


17. 50 People in Tech


by Rebecca Searles. Great list including Robert Scoble, Kevin Rose and more.


18. Tech Innovators


by Hardik Patel. Created by another Facebook employee, this List has some great pages and people, like Techcrunch and Social Media Today.


19. Tech News


by Vadim Lavrusik. This List by Facebook employee Vadim has over 49,000 followers and has over 127 people/pages in it — like the Verge, LifeHacker and more. Go follow it!


20. Tech VIPs


by Robert Scoble. If anyone knows about the tech world, it’s Robert Scoble. Anyone in the startup world or tech industry needs to follow this List.


21. Big Tech Companies


by Robert Scoble. A List of the heavy hitters in the tech world: SAP, LinkedIn, Nokia, etc.


22. Tech Gadgets


by Evan Fogel. Over 69,000 follow this list, which includes the likes of Gizmodo, Engadget, ThinkGeek and more.


23. Tech Media


by Sumeet Sham Vaidya. Another great tech List with some familiar faces from the previous Lists. But this one also includes PcWorld, MG Siegler and more.


24. Personal Technology


by Vadim Lavrusik. Can we say Cali Lewis, Geek Tech and Wired? Yep… all in this List.


25. Tech Science


by Kaushik Iyer. Are you a science geek? Then go follow this list. Includes Science Friday, Popular Science, National Geographic and more.


Business & Marketing Lists on Facebook


Own a business? Are you an entrepreneur? Want to keep up on the latest and greatest trends in marketing — both online and offline? Then follow these lists.


26. Business News


by Vadim Lavrusik. This is a great List with tons of resources for every business.


27. Industry Updates


by Taher Sumon. This list tends to stay on the Marketing track including posts from Marketing Land… and I just realized I’m actually on this list! Woohoo!


28. Innovative Brands


by Pete Cashmore. This List, from the founder of Mashable, has over 64,000 followers but only contains 13 brands. These are the movers and shakers in business. Go look.


29. Media News


by Vadim Lavrusik. Another Facebook created list with about 50 news sites and people to follow. One of my favorites on the list is the relatively unknown LostRemote.


30. Motivational People


by Evan Fogel. Feeling a bit down and need a pick me up? This List could do the trick. With the likes of Jack Canfield, Tim Ferris, Jim Rohn and Dave Ramsey!


31. Social Entrepreneurs


by Arianna Huffington. Over 56,000 have followed this List containing Kickstarter and more.


32. Startup Investors


by Robert Scoble. This may be one of the largest lists I’ve seen with almost 600 people and pages feature. If you’re a startup looking for an investor, follow this List.


33. Business Authors


by Vadim Lavrusik. This is a power-packed list of 8 — including Seth Godin and more.


34. Business Leaders


by Evan Fogel.  Huge following on this list including Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki and Mark Cuban.


35. Media Brands


by Pete Cashmore.  Another homerun by Cashmore focused on major news sites. I get my daily news from this List each morning!


36. Internet Marketing


by Selena Narayanasamy. Not a ton of people on this List or following it, but contains some great pages like SEOmoz, BlueGlass and Facebook Live.


37. Small Business Marketing


by John Jantsch. You can’t talk marketing without mentioning John Jantsch from Duct Tape Marketing. I’m surprised his great list only has 632 followers. You can find HubSpot, CopyBlogger and more in here.


38. Facebook Savvy Non Profits


by Randi Zuckerberg. If this list is good enough for Mark’s sister, it’s good enough for me!


Sports Lists on Facebook


This next group of lists is pretty self explanatory so I won’t include any summaries. I’m hoping you know what “NFL” means! :)


39. NFL Teams


by Adam Schefter


40. NBA Teams


by Evan Fogel


41. NBA Players


by Mark Pike


42. Athletes


by Vadim Lavrusik


43. NFL teams, players and analysts


by Nick Grudin


44. NFL Players Pages


by Troy Polamalu. I do want to point out that this List was created by an actual NFL player — which is pretty cool.


45. MLB Teams


by Dave Ugelow


46. College Football


by Vadim Lavrusik


47. Sports News


by Vadim Lavrusik


48. Olympics


by Kristin Thayer


49. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA- UFC)


by Brad Hettervik


50. Soccer Players


by Dave Goldblatt


51. Nascar


by Brad Hettervik


52. Boxing


by John Maier


53. NHL Teams


by John Maier


54. Ultimate Frisbee


by Manny Lopez


Television & Movies Lists on Facebook


I’m a bit of a TV junky — especially reality TV. These are some cool TV-related Lists that you may find interesting.


55. TV News Shows


by Vadim Lavrusik


56. TV Comedy Shows


by Charles Porch


57. Reality TV Shows


by Charles Porch (mainly all the housewife shows)


58. News


by Vadim Lavrusik


59. Hollywood on Facebook


by Charles Porch


60. TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy


by Al Baxter


61. TV Crime


by Al Baxter


Music Lists on Facebook


I couldn’t find a ton of music-related Lists, but did manage to find a few you might want to follow — most of them created by the same person.


The titles are pretty self explanatory. None of them are very large lists — and the creators really should add more to them.


62. Indie Music Blogs 


by Ethan Tremaine Avey. I love indie music. And I love these Indie blogs. One of my favorite is Stereogum.


63. Music Technology


by Julian Muller


64. R&B Music


by Charles Porch


65. Christian Music


by Charles Porch


66. Rock Music


by Charles Porch (102k)


67. Pop Music


by Charles Porch


Food & Health Lists on Facebook


Most of us are trying to get healthier — I certainly am. Below you’ll find some really interesting Lists to help you on your journey.


68. Food Media


by Morin Oluwole. This List is very well followed with around 54,000 followers. You’ll find PBS Food, Top Chef and HealthyEats.com.


69. Food & Recipes


by Shawn Van Daele. Another great find with over 100 resources to help you find recipes! But hardly anyone following it yet. I’ve frequented AllRecipes.com a few times myself.


70. Health News


by Vadim Lavrusik. A Facebook created List with some news related to the health world.


71. Green News


by Hanna Welch. This List contains about 30 resources aiming to help you live green. They include HuffPost Green and more. Check it out.


72. Recipes


by Bailey McRae. Only 24 sources on this List but nearly 97,000 followers so far! If you need an idea for tonight’s dinner, follow this List. Btw, BakingBites.com is a great site, but might just make you fat(ter)!


73. People That Make You Hungry


by Trey Ratcliff. A great List of some of the world’s greatest chefs — people like Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart and Wolfgang Puck, to name a few.


74. Exercise


by Bailey McRae. I couldn’t make it all about food so I included this great List of the top exercise-related pages such as Shape Magazine, 24 Hour Fitness, and P90X.


Art Lists on Facebook


I couldn’t find a ton of Lists that seem authoritative in the art category. But I did manage to find a few you may want to check out.


75. Photographers


by Thomas Hawk. This may be the List I’ve seen with the most followers. Over 157,000 and counting! Contains over 200 photographers that regularly show off their work. The cool thing about this List is its creator, Thomas Hawk, set it up to show only photos — which makes for a really nice feed.


76. Design


by Robyn Morris. This is another great List with a massive following that contains nothing but photo posts. Some great inspiration can be found on this list. Love this one!


77. Art Critics


by Nick Grudin


Video Gaming Lists on Facebook


To my shock, Lists on Facebook related to video games are very scarce. I did manage to find a few though. You can check out below. I’m not a gamer by any means, so I really can’t add much commentary on these. But there are some familiar faces.


78. Console Games


by Sara Brooks


79. Popular Video Gaming


by Sumeet Vaidya


80. Role Playing Games


by Al Baxter


81. Arcade/Puzzle Games


by Sara Brooks


Travel Lists on Facebook


We all need a vacation, right? Here are some great Lists to help you on your way.


82. Disney Vacations


by Barrie Brewer


83. Travel


by Morin Oluwole


84. Travel Bloggers


by Scotty Perry


85. Travel and Culture


by Annemarie Dooling


86. US National Parks


by Zach Behrens


Politics Lists on Facebook


Ok… I’m not really into politics. Maybe on the local level, but not so much nationally. I also try to stay clear of talking politics on Facebook, as it causes too many problems and riffs.


But I do think it’s helpful to share these Lists with you below. All of them are created by Katie Harbath, the Manager of Public Policy at Facebook. She helps politicians use Facebook effectively, and has put together some helpful Lists.


87. World Leaders


by Katie Harbath


88. US Democrats


by Katie Harbath


89. US Republicans


by Katie Harbath


90. US Governors


by Katie Harbath


91. Political Journalists


by George Stephanopoulos


92. US Senate Members


by Katie Harbath


93. US House Members


by Katie Harbath


Random Lists on Facebook


Ok… So I called this category “Random”. What I should have called it was “I headlined my list as 100 and only ended up with 93 so I needed to find 7 more to finish this blog!!” :D


Anyway, below are some random lists I found that you may find interesting.


94. My Little Pony


by Jessica Migatulski. I have 5 and 6 year old girls, so my house is full of My Little Pony!


95. World Birding & Conservation


by Gunnar Engblom


96. Fabulous Kids Activities Blogs


by Cathy James. I’m in love with this list now! With 3 kids, this one is awesome. Lots of great resources for parents. I especially dig QuirkyMomma.com .


97. Non-Fiction Authors


by Vadim Lavrusik. A Facebook created list containing some non-fiction authors like Mari Smith, Tim Ferriss, Zig Ziglar and Gary Vaynerchuk.


98. Child Causes


by Charles Porch. Great list created by Facebook to talk about child causes.


99. Robert Scoble


by Robert Scoble. Never miss a post by the Scobleizer!


100. Cool People named Scott Ayres


by Scott Ayres. I found 15 other people with my name and made a list! Seems I’m the only one posting though. :)

100 Awesome Facebook Lists to Follow (and bypass Edgerank).

Author: Jas Dhaliwal

Jas Dhaliwal is a highly experienced International Social Media Strategist. He specializes in building and engaging with social communities across the web. Born and bred in London, he is passionate about technology and social anthropology. You can follow @Jas on Twitter