Legal, DRM free MP3s arrive in the UK


Hat tip to the Register, the Jersey-based entertainment retailer, has beaten both Apple and Amazon to launch by opening the UK’s first legal digital rights management-free music download store with major label backing from EMI. Amazon has yet to replicate its US digital store on this side of the Atlantic, and a spokesman for the firm refused to say if it ever intends to do so. Apple iTunes Plus in the UK offers DRM-free tracks, but only in the company’s own AAC format.’s digital store. PlayDigital, currently sells EMI’s music at 320Kbit/s DRM free MP3s. It is hoped that the other major record companies will soon follow.  Play’s new store is also priced aggressively. Top-selling tracks will cost 65p, compared to 79p at iTunes. Amazon charges 99 cents per track in the US, although transatlantic currency conversion rates rarely bear any relation to the value of the dollar against the pound. said the average price per track will be 70 pence. Album bundles are charged at £6.99.

This is HUGE news…  my new 80GB Zune is about to be fully loaded..

Good Times…. Logged on and Chilled out

Author: Jas Dhaliwal

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