Why I won’t be buying a Macbook Air


Photo by Kathryn Yu

During a recent discuss with some colleagues, we remarked on how our computing needs had changed in recent years. Gone were the days of large and heavy laptops which were lugged around from place to place. Today, computer OEM’s provide a variety of small and slim laptops. However, recently Apple released the Macbook Air. A new breed of ultra slim laptop that can fit into a manilla envelope.

Indeed, the laptop is an engineering masterpiece. However, as many have already found, the tradeoff between super thin and a machine you can be productive with, is a big one. The image below is Guy Kawasaki’s Macbook Air. As you can see, today’s laptop user needs more than one USB port and occasionally needs an Ethernet connection.  The Macbook Air, is superb laptop, though born a before its time I feel


Author: Jas Dhaliwal

Jas Dhaliwal is a highly experienced International Social Media Strategist. He specializes in building and engaging with social communities across the web. Born and bred in London, he is passionate about technology and social anthropology. You can follow @Jas on Twitter